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Author: Tero Isokauppila

Well it’s November, which can only mean one thing…

… ok, two things:

  1. Thanksgiving is nearly here!
  2. Cold and flu season is too.


Lucky for you, you’ve got me to keep you company.

Who am I? I’ll give you a hint or two: I’m craggy and coal-colored, and chill on the side of birch trees in cold weather climates before I’m harvested.

You guessed it… I’m chaga.

I’m here to help optimize your wellbeing during these chilly months when the temperature drops and the chance of coming down with something seemingly skyrockets.

But first, ever wonder why you always seem to get sick when it’s cold out? Turns out, when the temperature drops, your cell’s defense system could be weakened, which may allow viruses easier passage into your system. Couple that with the recycled air of airplanes, dry indoor heat, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and it’s no wonder why you might feel yourself feeling a little fatigued this time of year.

Functional mushrooms like me, reishi, lion’s mane, and cordyceps can be an integral part of your potential flu season support kit by helping to support occasional stress and immune functions. And the best part? We’re way more versatile than any kind of pharmaceutical, with the ability to blend seamlessly (and deliciously) into every part of your busy day. Read on to see a day in my busy life, from helping to jumpstart your day to offering a little support to a sniffly airplane seatmate.

Morning: After a great night’s rest in the cupboard (I chalk it up to my proximity to super chill reishi), I’m excited to jump into a steaming mug of freshly-brewed coffee to help you get the day going. Lucky for you, I’m already mixed into Ground Mushroom Coffee, making it incredibly easy to add me to your routine. Just wake, stretch, brew, pour and sip. And because I’m paired with cognitive-supporting Lion’s Mane, we’ll help you feel focused and alert while you knock out a few emails before you hop on this afternoon’s cross-country flight.

Functional mushrooms, like chaga (hey that’s me), work with your body as adaptogens, helping your system adapt to the needs of the day for optimal wellbeing. Feeling stressed? Late for a flight? Or just looking to tap into a little extra energy? Try swapping your regular cup of Joe for a tasty mug of Mushroom Ground Coffee with Chaga and Lion’s Mane for a week to see the difference.

Pre-flight: Phew! Almost missed your flight because of all that traffic, but thanks to your AM mushroom brew, you kept your cool and you’re feeling good. Now there’s just this 6 hour flight to contend with… and it’s flu season, too... All that sniffling and sneezing in tight quarters can’t be good for the immune system, can it? Good thing you stashed away a few packets of me – I mean a few packets of Chaga Elixir! – Which easily blends into a to-go cup of tea with plenty of raw honey to prepare you for your flight.

The antioxidants I contain could support immune function when your body is exposed to compromising locales – like recycled air and this germ-packed airplane. These antioxidants could help protect the system from free radicals that, when left unattended, may lead to exhaustion and a greater chance of coming down with something. Chaga Mushroom Elixir is a travel-friendly way to keep the goodness of chaga handy wherever you are, whether you stash a packet in your gym bag or for when you feel the sniffles coming on at 30,000 feet. In my handy packet form, I’m whereever you need me to be.

Afternoon: Somewhere over the midwest your seatmate starts sneezing… and doesn’t stop until the landing gear are out. Don’t worry - I’ve got this. Just mix me into your mid-flight coffee, sip, and relax. Because I’m an adaptogen, I’m generally considered safe to consume a few times per day. So sit back and breathe easy (and maybe hand your seatmate a tissue). Hey, since you packed a few packets of Chaga Elixir and Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane and Chaga in your carry-on, why not offer to share with sneezy over there? Sharing is caring, after all. Except when it comes to colds and flu.

Evening: It’s a miracle - your flight actually landed early! You know what this means? After you check into your Airbnb, we’ve got time to stop by the ‘Shroom Room before tonight’s dinner meeting. But first, one more coffee. Bravo, 5 Mushroom Blend was the perfect thing to pack since it mixes so well with coffee, smoothies, and warm water and contains all the goodness of me and my other functional mushroom friends. It’s the perfect pick-me-up after a long flight and before a busy night out. I know, I’m still thinking about all that sneezing too… but I’m here to keep you feeling fully supported anytime of year, especially throughout cold and flu season.

The 5 Mushroom Blend combines the supportive properties of chaga, reishi, shiitake, maitake, and turkey tail to help support immune function and occasional stress year round. The handy packet design travels easily, meaning you can toss it in your travel bag to keep it handy whenever the mood strikes.

What a day! From a cross-country flight to chilling with Bryce at the ‘Shroom Room, I’m always along for the ride to help support wellbeing wherever you need it.

Do you have a hack to contending with flu season? Shoot us an email to let us know!

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