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Four Sigma Foods = Four Sigmatic


Hello mushroom lovers!

Today we’re more than thrilled to unveil our new branding to all you (fun)guys.

Four Sigma Foods is now called Four Sigmatic.

As you know we’ve been sipping shrooms under the Four Sigma Foods brand since 2012. It’s been a fun 3+ year journey, but over the last year we begun to feel that the brand no longer felt like us. It felt like a stranger giving you a hug - yes it’s nice to be hugged but it didn’t have the same warmth that a hug from your grandma would have.

But why didn’t it feel right?

  • Since the beginning almost nobody ever used our full name. It was often just Four Sigma. So it felt silly to keep that last word there when people clearly didn’t use it
  • We also focus on selling drinks, not foods. Explaining that was always a tall order when even we ourselves didn’t know the answer.
  • A lot of people originally thought we had something to do with college frats (you know, those kappa sigmas and sigma pis of the world). Aaaaand that’s not us, sorry.
  • A lot of people also first though that four sigma is some kind of a process engineering thingy. Just like Six Sigma, but cheaper. Another bummer.

So we removed the foods and amended the sigma into sigmatic, which frankly doesn’t really mean anything to anybody. Some fancy trademark lawyer told us at a food expo that using a name that doesn’t mean anything is smart. Don’t know about that but we liked the vibe of it. It has something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue red.

Our old logo also didn’t feel like us anymore - not all surprising if you would know how it was originally made (story for another time). So we made a new simple one that is like we are - simple, playful and natural.

As we got going we decided to also streamline some product names. Our “XOCOs” are now called Hot Cacaos and our old “Instants” are now called Elixirs. Why? Because that’s what they actually are. Honestly I don’t even know why we didn’t call them those in the first place, and instead created a pool of customer inquiries asking what are these delicious packets of yours. Live and learn.

The new branding -from typography to colors- came together actually quite quickly and organically. We already liked about 80% of the stuff we had been using so we removed the 20% we didn’t like and made it all more coherent. Looking at it now I think it quite nicely shows our evolution from our first products (Instant Brain Power, anyone?) to what we do today for example with our coffees. We’ve been also working on some rad new things for 2016, which I hope this is also paving the road for.

In summary:

  • New name
  • New logo
  • New website
  • Coherent look and feel
  • Upgraded packaging

You will start to see the new packaging in the US within months. In other countries the timetable is not yet clear but I know it’s not going to happen anytime soon. We first need to file papers and stuff.

What will NOT change:

  • Same Finnish Funguys
  • Same products and recipes
  • Same website URL - still www.foursigmafoods.com
  • Same social media handles (Facebook, Instagram etc)

This new branding feels right to us. Kind of like we turned from a caterpillar to a butterfly, or something nice and poetic like that. Anyway, hope you also dig it.


The Funguys

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