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“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.”

- Muhammed Ali

Alek 🎥

Videographer & Photographer


Born and raised on the beaches of sunny Florida by my beautiful health and wellness conscious mother (since before it was “cool”) and now reside in the coastal mountains of Topanga California. I was obsessed with surfing from my earliest memories. I channeled that obsession into a 15 year career as a professional surfer. In 2005 I found an equal passion for story telling and creating compelling visuals. Surfing all over the world and collaborating with many talented creatives over the years has allowed me to learn a variety of skills in the creative industry; from directing, cinematography and photography to editing and producing. It’s rewarding to be able to use my creative energy together with my love for health and wellness to educate others about the health benefits of Four Sigmatic.

Ari 🦁


Born and raised in Los Angeles. I've tried to escape many times but always find my way back. I've been working in eCommerce and online marketing for longer than I would like to admit. I love being outdoors, running, listening to music, cooking and gardening. At night you can find me unwinding with a cup of Reishi Elixir and solving sudoku puzzles.

Briana 🕺

Customer Service Manager


Connecting with others and geeking out over health, wellness and mushrooms is my thing. I'm also always doing whatever I can to keep our customers happy, even if that involves suiting up in my jetpack and hand delivering a package across the globe. I’m always reading at least 4 books at once, and can’t live without hiking or cilantro.

Brittany 🔥



Homegrown Missouri farm girl turned Los Angeles native. My childhood chores consisted of feeding the chickens and letting the horses out to pasture. I love hiking and anything forest related, expensive grocery stores, sushi and people with wellness oriented lifestyles. Couldn’t live outside a major city but can’t live without a monthly trip to the mountains.

Bryce 👁



I was born and raised in the Reno/Tahoe basin. I am an artist, I grew up in a family of artists. I love everything that has to do with nature and color. I was raised on snow skiing and mountain air in the winter. Then during the summer I was total lake rat. You would only find me in the water or behind a boat wakeboarding or water skiing. For the last six years I have been on a healing journey from a traumatic accident that changed the course of my life. Mushrooms along with plant medicine have played a major role in my recovery process. I feel very blessed to work with this company and to be a part of the mushroom movement.

Celeste 👸🏼



Hawaii born, Oregon raised, California resident. This west coast girl was born to to share her passion for all things wellness. I am a true Gemini with a background in registered nursing, skincare, blogging, food styling, recipe development, and social media curation. Sharing my passion for living well through the magical lens of functional mushrooms and superfoods brings me the most joy! I’m also obsessed with almond butter, biodynamic wine, face serums, and my fiancé. Connect with me on our social channels!

Chris 🎥



South Florida beach native. Newly wed with my first boy on the way. I enjoy surfing, all things tech, coffee and Real Madrid football club. I appreciate shooting video and photography and telling a story through a lens. Hot sauce on everything imaginable, even shrooms. It’s sweet to take part in sharing a healthy lifestyle with Four Sigmatic. Go CANES!

Essi 🏃‍

East Coast Regional Sales Manager


I am a New Yorker and a mom who was born and raised in Finland. I love mornings, sunrise and quality time with my little angel. Because I’m a hardcore foodie and a mushroom lover, you can usually find me spending hours in the kitchen every day. Due to my character of keeping up super high speed and never sitting down, my favourite mushroom is Reishi to help me chill out!

Fanny 🐸



I'm a precise virgo, and routines and deadlines balance my otherwise restless nature. I'm usually out and about on my spare time, enjoying urban culture, cafés, people and trying out new things. The best thing I know is summertime biking in the city. I recharge by taking long walks and cold showers - and by consuming shroomtastic beverages of course!




Keeping busy with startup finance, the most wonderful daughter, two disobedient dogs and sports just for fun.


Growth Marketing Manager

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I have spent most of my personal life staying active through sports and most of my professional life diving into marketing and entrepreneurship. I find my escape from the world at the gym but will absolutely be eating dessert before dinner. Oh, and my dog Rusty is everything.

John 🦍



Born in the tundra of Upstate NY I've been blessed to visit/live in more then half the states in the US and a few other countries before landing in sunny Florida. When I'm not looking for ways to best get our customers the nicest experience and highest quality with our products, I can be found in the kitchen or outside, working on whipping myself back into shape for some triathlon events.

Juho 🃏



Loving everything visual and design related. Being able to use my skills to make this world a better place is a huge aspect for me and it doesn't hurt to do it with this amazing gang. I currently divide my time with creating and being a loving daddy with occasional gym flexing and street balling.

Justyn 🍀

US Operations Manager


Born and raised near Rochester, NY, I have been slowly migrating West over the past several years. Mushroom lover and action sports fanatic, you can find me snowboarding and skydiving as the opportunities present themselves. I believe positivity has a ripple effect, and when I am not out spreading positive vibes, I am winding down with some Reishi spores in Illinois or Denver with family and friends.

Kaitlin 🌲

Data Analyst


Born and raised in Toronto - NYC resident - heart on the West Coast. I help the e-commerce team make data-driven decisions and support our membership and affiliate programs. I love bringing ancient traditions to the modern world - in my previous life I sold cricket protein bars and now I'm on to functional 'shrooms! In my off time you'll find me listening to podcasts, interval training, trying new restaurants and traveling with my husband. On our honeymoon, we visited three continents and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro! I'm also on a quest to visit all 50 states - half-way there.

Kelly 🦒

Head of Activation

I was born and raised in Kansas and moved out to Southern California after college due to my love of the sun and ocean. I currently reside in Orange County, with my husband and 2 kids. I love being outside, active & cooking. I enjoy a long run, hiking, yoga and Crossfit. You can usually find me at the beach on the weekends. I have a passion for sharing new products with consumers and educating them on the benefits. I love introducing consumers to Four Sigmatic at events and in accounts and seeing their reaction when they try new items.

Kristy 🦋



As a native Austinite (Texan) I have now made peace with winter and consider MN my new home. One way I keep balance in my life is to keep my camera close at hand to capture the beautiful wildlife that abounds here. I love taking walks in nature, filling up my bird feeders, reading Rumi, hugging Angel my 17-year-old kitty, and of course drinking my morning cup of Chaga Elixir.

Liz 🌻



Creating meaningful design is my passion and using my skills to help improve the lives of others is a blessing. When I'm not designing, you'll find me exploring the city of Columbus, out walking or at the park with my polar bear of a dog, heading to a farmers or flea markets, or enjoying a brewed beverage —whether that's a fresh cup of mushroom coffee or an ice cold kombucha!

Lucy 🐙



Child of the arts and meditation. I love music, dance, visual arts, and everything that has to do with mind and body awareness. I'd pick nature over the city but it's being close to people that really drives my life. If I have a dream its for an enlightened and healthy society.

Markus 🌪️



An active reishi drinker who enjoys all things online marketing. Also referred to as a computer wizard, but still denying being one. Loving the idea to make mushroom drinking cool, which these ingredients totally deserve. Nothing beats great coffee and relaxing weekend getaways (yup, I am based in NYC). My three best friends are my barely working camera, way too large crock-pot and worn out yoga mat.

Mikael 🐂

Head of Sales


I was born and raised in Finland, however, my dark pigment comes from my African-born dad. My biggest passions are sports, traveling, health food and world politics. Specifically ice hockey, rugby and tennis are close to my heart and I'm always ready for a burpee challenge.

At Four Sigmatic, I'm most proud of being able to help people with our products whether it's smaller things like sleep problems or more severe health problems like brain related challenges or auto-immune issues.

I could hang out in health food stores all day long, even though consumer shows are at the top of my best work tasks. Outside of the USA, work usually brings me to Canada, The UK or Scandinavia. Come and say hi if you see me around, and you might be lucky to get a free product as I always carry one!

Morgan ⚡️

Mushroom Membership Concierge


Northeast Kingdom Vermont native turned Earth wandering modern gypsy mama. I consider myself a truth seeker, a student of everything Wellness, and a vanlifer on the side. I'm especially fond of cold plunges, grass fed butter mashups (with 'shrooms!), and lacto-fermented pickles. Always on a superhero mission for Special Operations Earth.

Rasmus 🎩



Enjoys creating, executing and developing anything.

With Four Sigmatic, I handle all things related to operations, and overseeing and handling various fields from procurement to sales campaigns. By starting as intern ("from the bottom") for the company, I've seen and experienced several aspects of the business on different levels which definitely helps out when planning further ahead.

Loves all sports and will never decline a hockey game invite or shred session in the snow 

Stephanie 🌻


Born and raised in North Carolina where I have lived all over, from the coast to the mountains and a few places in between. I have spent my last 10 years in the Appalachian hills, homesteading on farms with my family, while tending to medicinal plant gardens, vegetable plots, and wild-crafting herbs and mushrooms. My husband, 2 growing boys, and I have been care taking the land with great intention for over a decade, as we grow and forage the majority of our own food and medicine. I also enjoy traveling to faraway lands to experience other cultures, and especially learning knowledge and wisdom from the original indigenous peoples of this continent. I am a trained herbalist, both traditionally and clinically, and enjoy supporting my family and community’s health needs through sharing what I have learned over the years. In my free time I like to go hiking and appreciate the beautiful nature around me, go camping with my family, and I’m also a part time soccer mom. My life’s purpose is to inspire others to live healthy happy lives!

Tero 🍄



Genetically 95.2% Nordic and 2.9% Neanderthal. Born in Finland, lived in eight countries in three continents, and currently reside in sunny Southern California. Love napping, doing yoga, hiking in the mountains, making chocolate, formulating new products, and hanging out at the Shroom Room. You can read my full bio here

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