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The ONE Superfood You Should Be Adding To Your Coffee


Whenever I read about coffee in the media, I get really confused. Sometimes the latest research says: it’s like a “drug” that causes additional stress, messes with our blood sugar, causes all kinds of digestive discomfort and heartburn. And then sometimes they say: it’s amazing for brain health, could help to fight cancer, is protecting our heart, and even possible improving men’s sex life… 

After going through all the research I could find, and getting very, very confused, I ended with the same conclusion I started with:

  1. Coffee is fun and I want to drink it
  2. Drinking normal coffee makes me feel not great

Is there a coffee lover in the world who has never had issues with it? I doubt it.

But what if we could keep drinking coffee AND be even healthier? This next thing might change your life!

Start adding mushrooms to your coffee!!

I know, when I first heard about this I started laughing, too. Even though I had a long history with mushrooms and coffee (Finnish people drink more coffee than anyone else in the world), I just couldn’t see them together. And then I tried it.


I understand that mushrooms might not be the first thing that come to mind when you picture pouring your morning coffee, but hear me out. 

They may not be as "sexy" as other superfoods on the market today, but medicinal mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane come packed with some hefty evidence-based nutritional benefits.

At the beginning of the 21st century, fungi was used in more than half of the 20 most profitable products used in human medicine—including penicillin. Today, thousands of studies have been conducted on their healing properties, and more and more research is constantly happening, which is revolutionising the health industry.

For example, researchers have compiled promising evidence that antioxidants in Chaga mushrooms can help lower inflammation in the body, while Cordyceps can boost oxygen intake by up to 15 percent, and Lion's Mane might influence brain health by stimulating the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) production in the body.

Incorporating even small amounts of these nutrient-rich mushrooms into your daily routine can help you tap into these significant health benefits. They can be added to almost any diet—no matter if you're Paleo or vegan. The only downside is that these healthier mushroom often have a bitter taste. 

That's where mushroom coffee comes into play.


When I dug deeper on the topic I realized that chaga mushroom were used as a coffee substitute during World War II, when there was a lack of coffee beans. Chaga “tea” is a very coffee-like black drink, and if you mix it 50/50 with coffee the flavor is almost identical. Coffee is one of the few bitter foods that people consume regularly, so “hiding” the mushrooms into your coffee will make them significantly more palatable.

However as previously mentioned, drinking coffee can be very taxing on our adrenals, can spike blood sugar, and is tough on our stomachs due to its acidity. But combining coffee with mushrooms may help alleviate these issues. Chaga, and its high mineral content, will make the coffee smoother in taste and help avoid heartburns. This is why chaga should always be the base mushroom in your mushroom coffee.

You can supplement chaga with lion’s mane or cordyceps depending on if you want more brain power or energy. You can also play with mushrooms like maitake if you’re interested in the potential weight loss support of coffee. Or, add a stronger and more bitter, 10 mushroom blend to get an “all-in” one solution. 

But whatever you do, please give mushroom coffee a chance! It’s a game changer!


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