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Instant Reishi
Improve Sleep

Reduces stress / Improves sleep quality / Improves blood circulation

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Mind Herbs
Calm Concentration

Improves memory and learning function / Creates calm, relaxed concentration / Restores balance and reduces stress

$15.00 Buy now

Winning X
Super immunity

Boosts an inactive immune system and calms down a hyperactive one / Helps the body adapt to stress / Protects the body from all kinds of pathogens

$30.00 Buy now

Recent customer reviews:

I am deeply impressed with the effects of this product. My thoughts are precise, my body strong. All aspects of life feels stronger for me, even sorrow…
- Marius A. 5/5

Get Chaga

Chocolate and Mushrooms do go together! I especially enjoy the Reishi flavor in the afternoon as a time-out from work. Amazing with no sugar, or try a touch of honey. The XOCO line of instant chocolate shots is a masterful addition to the high-quality, healthy mushroom super-drinks! And a welcome a part of my health routine!
- Maggie C 5/5

Get XOCO Blue

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